Hiking and trekking

In Tsagarada there are plenty hiking trails, cobbled roads and paths that are lost in the forests of chestnut and beech. Enjoy the pleasure of walking, getting to know the nature of Pelion as well as the history and tradition of Tsagarada, within an ideal environment, filled with the green forest and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.


We can propose routes (but those may accordingly formulated upon the visitors choice) and with the help of the driver, you will experience a magic travel :


Tsagarada Round

Tsagarada – Damouchari (with optional visit to the harbour where Mamma Mia was fimled) – Fakistra

Milies – Xourihti – Tsagarada.

Horse Riding

Where else one could be happy and enjoy a ride on horseback, whithin a beautiful and historical place? But of course the mountain of Centaurs, the infinite beauty magical Pelion!


We share a love for horses and respect for nature and the environment. Thus the attendant will help you ride in the beautiful forest of Pelion as well as the beach, next to the sea with its crystal clear waters. Impressive routes of one up to two hours that will provide you moments of relaxation, as it will ‘travel’ you to another natural lifestyle, essentially for escaping from everyday life and routine.


The horses used are trained, calm and friendly, together with a certified mountain guide and they offer a memorable and enjoyable experience following all safety rules.

Winter Skiing

Pelion is the only place in Greece that combines mountain and sea, so it is a favourite winter and summer destination. Whether you are an advanced or novice skier/snowboarder, you will enjoy your favourite sports in the six tracks of Agriolefkes in Hania.


It is also the only place you can go skiing and you face two seas. On the west side a view to Pagasitikos Gulf and on the other, the east side, you can gaze the beauty of the Aegean sea.


The world of canyons stands out with a very special way. This activity will make your adrenaline soaring which is a unique experience in life in the magnificent mountain of Pelion.


The setting is magical, you will swim in lakes, tumble rocks and dives from natural slides into the crystal clear waters of the gorges of Mylopotamos, Fakistra, Damouchari, Limnionas, but also in the Great Galanorema, Platanorema and the Big Rock. The hike in rugged landscape, the descent to rock waterfall using special equipment and swimming in the river is considered,for many fans of extreme sports, on of the top outdoor activities.


Trust the best trainers which will lead you all the way to that special experience.

Sea Kayak

It is considered as another unique experience in Tsagarada, sea kayak with which you are able to relax in the calm waters of the Aegean Sea paddling, explore inaccessible coves, caves and admire the beautiful beaches of Pelion, on the opposite side.


The options for the route might change depending on weather conditions while the attendant responsible for your safety will inform you on time and will take care of your transportation.


You can follow the experienced and certified kayak guide with safety in small expeditionary maritime walks that will remain unforgettable.

Mountain Bike

Mountain biking, which is a bicycle specially built to move into more difficult terrain with some inclinations, will take you on special paths of Pelion and Tsagarada in order to enjoy cycling in the beautiful and unsurpassed nature, stimulate your senses and finally become a part of it.


Always with the presence of a certified guide, who depending on the teams experience, will provide accordingly instructions and ensure that the activity’s objective is to delight you and become a fan of it.


Could be described as quiet power! Anyway the archery is an addictive sport and when one gets involved with, creates a relationship that doesn’t ends easily.


Concentration, right posture, correct grip of the bow, then place an arrow and off it goes, as the trainer advises, the arrow has to go as close as it gets to the targets center. The higher objective is to hit the center. You may start by counting how many arrows you sent close to the center, but even if those arrows didn’t went that close, just relax at the thoughts of meditation that gets you away from it all and take into account that you have lived something else, something different!


In the courtyard of the villa you can enjoy your privacy, your coffee and your company while at the same time you can practice archery!


It is the exercise that strengthens the body, calms mind and soul and leads us to a harmonious and balanced state of being.


Combined with the energy of the mountain and sea of Pelion of the environment, yoga sessions can be arranged in the area of the villa and/or the beautiful beach of Mylopotamos, early in the morning, helping you reap many benefits from exercise.